Ronin Owners Say...

I love my Ronins. The sound, craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb.
— Keith Urban
I love that their guitars all have their own voice, rather than trying to be something that has gone before, the way 99% of all other guitars are.
— David Hunter - Guitarist, Writer and Gear Authority
The Ronins have showcased a whole new dimension of my amplifier designs. My Mirari sounds like nothing else in the world.
— Chris Benson - Benson Amps
Over the years I have been lucky to play and learn the subtitles of all sorts of different guitars, so when a line of boutique guitars comes along that gains my attention I’m always excited to hear and explore. The Ronin Mirari and Morningstar are two of the most beautiful guitars I’ve come to know. Their build, tone and pickups are second to none I’ve been playing them everyday since I got them—I love them. I so enjoy the quality of tone and craftsmanship these guitars have and I feel lucky to play them. They give the tonal options I’ve heard in my head for some time. I feel lucky to have finally found these exquisite instruments.
— John Shanks - Guitarist, Writer and Producer for Bon Jovi and Van Halen
I always liked the snap of an old tele. I adore the warmth and the power of the mighty P90. I like blending pickups with a gibson style knob layout. And who doesn’t want a nice musical tremolo arm within reach that does not go out of tune? When I picked up my first Ronin (mirari) I found all that in a manner of 1+1=3. It was warm but snappy, had a very pleasing acoustic quality, was resonant as hell, had power, was versatile but above all, there was something ‘different’. It was the first time in 25 years that I played a guitar that was really something totally new and at the same time it felt like it had been there all along.
— Jo Mahieu - Belgian Guitarist and Composer