A few weeks ago I got to take this beautiful Ronin Stormcrow out for a spin. It's a great variation on the Ronin DNA...what I would describe as a more mid-focused "rocking" kind of sound (and aesthetic). Dig this fuzzy little performance clip.

Dan Phelps playing his Georgia Lee All-Redwood Parlor Acoustic with a Single Foil pickup.

The Ronin Morningstar with Foilbucker Mini pickups played by Josh Smith - iPhone 7.

John Shanks talks about his gear, particularly his collection of Ronin Mirari models and his new Ronin Morningstar guitar.

Mark Cuthbertson with his Ronin Badmoon Semi-Hollow.

Mark Cuthbertson playing his Ronin Badmoon Semi-Hollow.

Dan Phelps demoing a Ronin Morningstar through his Benson Monarch Amp.

Guitarist Dan Phelps using his Ronin Mirari during a live improv session with James McAlister and Steve More.

David Torn at the Fryette Amp booth for the 2016 NAMM Show using his new Ronin Mirari with the Resonator switch through the new Sound City 50 watt head and 4x12 Cabinet.

Jo Mahieu with his Ronin Badmoon Semi-Hollow 

Guitarist Harvey Valdes playing a Ronin Stormcrow.

Mirari sound demo by Dan Phelps using a Benson Monarch Amp.

Oz Noy playing a very rare Ronin Little Wing.

Mark Cuthbertson demoing a Ronin Badmoon Semi-Hollow.