100% Pure Nitrocellulous Lacquer is used exclusively on all of our aged/relic'd finishes. For our NOS or New Old Stock finishes a tiny percentage of plasticizer will be added to prevent easy cracking or chipping of the lacquer. 

For us, there is only one way to finish a Ronin as it creates beautiful, timeless looking guitars that age well and produce the most lively, musical tones possible.


Ronin uses a wide variety of guitar-classic pastels, metallics and bursts from the correct color codes—but we haven't  stopped there.

Over 10 years of searching for specific shades and hues of color, Ronin has acquired a special collection of vintage car colors custom mixed in a nitrocellulose base—in many cases even though the original color was only available in acrylic.

These swatches showcase many of our favorite colors but we are always searching for unique variations that will set your Ronin apart from the crowd.